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Wellfield Pyrodynamics is a privately held Company offering telecommunication systems contracting and consulting services to top tier organization in sub-Saharan Africa. The firm is vast and deeply rooted in the Telecommunication and I.T Industry sector with specialty in Site-Build Turnkey Project|Site-Build Quality Assurance (SBQA)|Fiber Optic Cable|Project Implementation|Fiber Optic Cable Project Quality Assurance|Wimax Network Implementation|Microwave Radios Network Planning & Implementation.

Core Values:

  • Competence – ability to deliver, to have the right knowledge for the job we do.
  • Team work – cooperation, working together. We readily share knowledge, experience, resources, and opportunities.
  • Pro-activeness – taking initiative, going the extra mile, responsive to change, thinking outside the box.
  • Service excellence – deliver quality: timeliness, availability and pricing.
  • Integrity – We are trustworthy and honourable.
Project Methodology:
  • Wellfield segments project phases into the critical activity components.
  • These components are assigned on a best-of-breed, best-practices basis to a selection of 3rd party contractors and project partners.
  • Wellfield manages a common logistics and activity management framework in order to integrate project priorities and dependencies holistically.
  • Wellfield project clients therefore benefit from a single, streamlined interface between their project and the often widespread and complex range of activities and stakeholders impacted.
To be a leading destination for the provision of independent solutions for telecommunications operators.
Timely delivery of technology solutions of the highest quality at minimal cost  to our clients.
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