We offer quality assurance and advisory services for organizations in the telecommunications and energy sectors. 


Wellfield is a privately held Company offering telecommunication systems contracting, project management and development consulting services to organizations and governments in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Incorporated in 1998 as Wellfield Pyrodynamics Nigeria Limited, Wellfield is the Nigerian leader in Quality Assurance of transmission systems, through its active and growing participation in major areas of the telecommunications industry. 

In addition, Wellfield provides excellent advisory and project management services to firms in the public administration, energy and aviation markets.


Transmission Systems
Our key specializations include microwave links, verification, installation and testing of fiber optic transmission systems. Specific interests are in fiber optic systems for 100G+ transmission speeds and optimal FTTP deployments requiring multiple high security and high speed bandwidths.
We make very high quality electrical installations to meet and exceed the BS or IEEE quality framework. 
telecoms Infrastructure, ICT Quality Assurance & business advisory
Wellfield provides advanced testing services (we hold a complement of advanced test equipment and are in partnership with Messrs Exfo Canada for equipment, and OTC UK for professional services).

Wellfield also provides assessment, design, certification, installation, contracting, and compliance audits at the hardware layer, software layer, and policy layer. In addition, we scrutinize policy frameworks and certifications against the backdrop of ITU-T regulations and make recommendations as appropriate.
Development Consulting
Wellfield has a firm grasp on global best practices in putting public administration organizations together. As a result, we can look at existing administration systems, sustainably reconfigure and populate them, while keeping an eye on the overall objective of the client and ensuring alignment with the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and Vision 2020.
Project Management
For our various projects, we develop the project management office to suit the Nigerian environment, populate it to fulfil and balance stakeholder expectations, optimize the delivery supply chain for the project, and keep quality on an even keel across the life cycle of the project.


zte logo

ZTE Corporation

Wellfield provided fibre transmission installation services for ZTE Corporation, in Northern Nigeria. 

mtn logo

MTN nigeria

Wellfield has been involved in installing, certifying and testing (fibre and microwave) transmission systems for MTN, since 2008. We are especially involved in verifying and ensuring the quality of transmission system implementation projects, and their associated reports.

ethiopian airlines logo

Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines was the first third-world airline to buy a Boeing 787, and it was necessary to overhaul many operational and IT support practices, in order to accommodate the intricacies of working with this aircraft model. Wellfield performed the required change-management to help Ethiopian Airlines morph accordingly, and framed an ICT policy to guide the airline’s growth for 20 years. 


Remi Jibowu

An Applied Physics graduate of The University Of Lagos, Remi was previously an Executive Director At McNair Nigeria Limited, where he gained a solid reputation for delivery, particularly in the Niger Delta Operational Area. Remi is the strategic engine that drives Wellfield’s services-related  projects and technical development activities.

Belinda Brown

Is an experienced, business-oriented person who believes in working according to established principles. She strives to give clients value for money and maintain our brand image.

Babangida Inuwa

Represents a versatile mix of a Politics & Administration Degree, added to a background in The Intelligence  Services.  These skills provide a significant advantage at Wellfield, where he is responsible for our Human Resources Management, Internal Discipline, Financial Management  and Business Development.


For more information about us, we have a business profile containing details of our core products and services, team members, project methodology, etc. You can view or download it here.